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Pokemon Trainer Red made out of Rubik’s Cubes

100 of them to be exact. CubeStudios constructed this baby and is now selling it for the price of a Wii U. Not sure it’s worth it but it’s mighty impressive to say the least. 

Buy: Trainer Red Rubik's Cube, Wii U systems
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Collab with my friend.
Line : xxxSai
Color: me
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Collab with my friend <3
Line: Me.Color: Her, CLGT.
Apr. 2014.


Collab with my friend.

Line : xxxSai

Color: me

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Collab with my friend <3

Line: Me.
Color: Her, CLGT.

Apr. 2014.

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This month’s issue of Pash! had a “Which Survey Corps character are you” quiz and I haven’t seen it around, so I decided to translate it.

(Sorry for the crappy cell phone pictures, I was too lazy to take my mook apart to scan.)

RESEARCH YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS: Which soldier do you resemble!?

Survey Corps Personality Quiz
From the start, you’ve been interested in those soldiers; maybe the truth is that you were sympathising with how their minds worked? With this personality quiz, let’s try chasing after your true nature! I wonder which character resembles you the most?

Everyone different, which is exactly why they can draw out each other’s strengths
From the reckless Eren to the nasty-tongued Levi to the quick-to-argue Jean, all the soldiers in the Survey Corps have different personalities and opinions. Although they all have their individual abilities in battle and they all fight under the banner of “peace for humanity”, they can’t coordinate at all!

However, their synergy is born precisely because their strong points differ, so they can demonstrate their strength on the battlefield. Surely, they can solve the puzzle that is the titans!

Instead of thinking carefully about things, you prefer to act quickly.
YES → Go to 1
NO → Go to 2

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Oh, I’m “G” Erwin Smith _(:3_/Z)_

[SHINee]#DayOfKingJjong #HappyBirthdayHappy birthday to you, Kim JongHyun April 8th 2014.fanart by me ;;

#DayOfKingJjong #HappyBirthday

Happy birthday to you, Kim JongHyun 

April 8th 2014.
fanart by me ;;

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this is how the preview went in my head. ignore the last panel please

Kill me now :(((((((((((((

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Sometimes I wish someone out there will find me 
'Till then I'll walk alone 

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Studio 8585    |

"Pij! — a traditional pottery for contemporary use. A self-initiated design & research project that explores the use of bukaleta, a traditional Croatian pottery jug from the regions of Kvarner & Istria. It is a contemporary adaptation of the traditional design."

Studio8585 is a Croatian design studio which develops bespoke visual identities, responsive websites and other associated materials including stationery, books, posters, brochures and signage for international and local clients. 

They believe that good design produces effective and meaningful outcomes, adds value & inspires. That is why their approach is conceptual, focused on the process and based on close collaboration with their clients. They listen, ask questions and research, often challenging the brief in a search of the simple and practical solutions that are versatile and human. Equal competence across print and screen and their wide collaborative network enables them to handle both small and large scale projects that cover several creative disciplines. Agile and effective, small but ambitious, they are driven by rationality and devoted to delivering crafted, elegant & functional visual experiences with expressive bite. 

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#ItsBbang25thDay #HappyBirthday"Cherry Blossoms for you &#8221;Happy birthday to you, Bang YongGuk-ssi Happy birthday to Bang&#8217;s Twins March 31th 2014.Fanart by me \(&#8217; v &#8216;)/

#ItsBbang25thDay #HappyBirthday
"Cherry Blossoms for you 

Happy birthday to you, Bang YongGuk-ssi Happy birthday to Bang’s Twins 

March 31th 2014.
Fanart by me \(’ v ‘)/

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Alexander McQueen S/S 2005 ‘It’s Only a Game’

"This collection is called It’s Only a Game and was inspired by Peter Weir’s film Picnic at Hanging Rock. The collection itself was staged as a chess game, and the inspiration for the chess game came from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Girls walked onto the runway as particular pieces of the chess game. The lead characters of the chess games, in terms of the clothing, were very apparent. And one of the most distinctive pieces was the knight. She was wearing a leather cuirass with a skirt that was made out of horsehair. Her head was covered with a harness and a ponytail that looked like a horse’s tail. And the two queens were actually wearing garments that were inspired by the eighteenth-century panniers, with a wide-hipped silhouette. And the two kings were actually in American footballer outfits with wide shoulder pads and American football helmets. McQueen was deeply inspired by film throughout his career—Hitchcock, most famously, in collections like Birds—but he was also inspired by films which seemed less artistically driven, like The Green Mile. The finale of the actual collection was a checkmate between the two rival teams, meant to represent Japan on one side and America on the other." - Andrew Bolton via

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Cross Road (Makoto Shinkai)

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